Aromatherapy Massage

Where are you at?

  • You know that you need to look after yourself more, slow down and take time for you.
  • You want a more relaxed, calmer life.
  • You want a relaxed body and mind to allow you to continue enjoying your life.
  • You want to be able to relieve muscle tension.
  • You would like to be able to sleep better and feel more energised.

You would like to improve any problems you might be facing right now, however…

  • You feel that you are unable to take time out for yourself as you haven’t time.
  • You possibly feel guilty for wanting some time for yourself.
  • You are not sure how you can justify investing in yourself more.

What do you need help with right now?

  • You need someone to help you to block regular ‘’you’’ time but when is right for you not according to ‘’normal’’ opening times.
  • You are looking for someone with a high level of experience to show you how to unwind, relieve tension and recharge.
  • You need someone to come to your home to reduce the hassle of going to a clinic.

How can our Aroma massage programme help you?

  • We will come to your home and tailor your aromatherapy treatments to your specific needs at the time.
  • Our massage therapist will not only relieve your muscle tension but will also offer practical advice and techniques to help your self-care journey.
  • Our Aroma therapist will blend oils specifically for you and will provide you with a plan of how to use them in everyday life (not only during your massage) to ease your areas of concern.
  • Our team will help you to work towards your goals and enable you to destress from this busy life.

Here is what my clients are saying

As a result I feel less stressed and sleep much better and even increased the number of sessions I have a month because I think that I will benefit more.

Lucia, 2018

Each and every session is so informative and I feel each time that I learn something new.

My back is so much better and I have zero leg pain! (Fantastic )

Ellie, 2018

I First decided to go to Rehab and Relaxation as I had an ongoing shoulder injury that had been effecting me in my day to day life. When deciding on going forward with the aromatherapy program it did initially seem like quite a considerable outlay but appreciating the therapists skills and experience I feel it is worthy investment.

Since working with Rehab and relaxation, I have felt pampered and looked after. They have massively helped me with my initial reason for visiting (shoulder pain) and further more with my general well being. The one best result I have had is Taking time out for me…. It means I make a point of taking a bit of time out to care for myself in my busy life of Mum life and work life

Jo, 2018

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